Insurance Specialization

Alpine Roofing’s team has worked with catastrophic loss due to roof failures caused by weather or other sudden events. We have a deep understanding of the insurance claims process and have developed a system to conduct thorough inspections and evaluations after a loss event, document and report on conditions, provide critical information to the parties involved, and most of all — act quickly to ensure your property is protected from further damage while still maintaining the insurance company’s ability to inspect the loss.

How We Can Help

While we are not an adjusting firm and do not represent ourselves as adjusters, we remain current on updates to Colorado insurance policies, public adjusting rules, court rulings, and state regulations. Specialization enhances effectiveness, we know our role as the contractor within the claims process and we focus on helping all parties involved move quickly and effectively through the claims process by providing effective reporting, clear and proactive communication, and accurate and well substantiated pricing. We are focused on proactive protection (pre-loss readiness) and timely post-loss resolution strategies to assist our clients with recovery from a loss event, including:

  • Regularly monitoring of your property for potential damaging events
  • Documentation of your property conditions/damages
  • Providing the best possible choices when you have a claim
  • Helping to prevent costly mistakes and/or process misunderstandings
  • Timely and fair resolution of claims based on established processes
  • Accurate pricing

To engage Alpine Roofing on your insurance claim needs, contact us.

Meet our Expert

Peter is a specialist in insurance and insurance claims management. Having served throughout the United States as an adjuster and later as a retained expert on insurance claims litigation cases, Peter has a wealth of knowledge on the process of insurance claims and holds an insurance counselor license. Peter holds an AIC designation in claims management and an AINS designation in general insurance. Having owned and managed a design build general contracting company, Peter has a deep knowledge of buildings and construction. 

Peter has a passion for developing and implementing processes that aid is rapid, fair, and equitable resolution of insurance claims and develops processes for the Alpine Team to accurately report and estimate projects and provide clear reporting and guidance to our customers and clients.

Peter O'Brien

Insurance Specialist