Severe Weather Damage

With over 60 years of experience repairing the roofs of residential and commercial buildings, our roofing experts have seen nearly everything. We know that a damaged roof can compromise the integrity and stability of your entire building. Therefore, we conduct fast and comprehensive roof evaluations and leak/hail damage assessments to ensure the integrity of your roofing system. 

Alpine Roofing’s craftsmen are thoroughly trained to safely assess the problem and quickly locate and address damages to make your roof water tight. Our professional experts use our vast industry knowledge to quickly access, locate, and remediate hail and storm damage along with roof leaks — and then quickly dispatch a reliable, knowledgeable team to develop critical reporting and walk with you and your insurance company through the process of restoring your property.  

Temporary Repairs

If you have an active leak, contact us right away and our trained service specialists will conduct necessary repairs to temporarily stop leaks to prevent further damage to the building and allow time to properly assess the correct course of action to repair/replace the damaged roof system. NOTE: many insurance companies will cover the costs for temporary leak repairs if they are related to a weather event if the repairs of done properly and correctly documented. 

Long Term Solutions 

Our professional experts have decades of experience in handling all types of roof damages and decades of experience working with all major insurance companies. We develop critical reports and documentation needed by most insurance companies and will walk with you and your insurance company through the process of restoring your property.

Speak with an Expert

If your property has experienced damage from severe weather it is best to have your roof checked while minor damages can easily be repaired. Larger and more widespread damages like hail may not leak right away but can create significant leaks if left undetected and unaddressed. 

Contact us to schedule an inspection with one of our experts who can assess your roof for damages, check maintenance needs, and give you a full assessment of your roof. 

If you are experiencing leaks or have an emergency please let us know right away and we will schedule our service department to address immediate concerns.