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Built-Up Roof Systems

Built-up 300x161The BUR roof system is one of the oldest systems still in use. Durable, fire resistant, and tested by decades of exposure in the harshest of weather conditions, the BUR system is still the system of choice for many schools, government buildings, and industrial settings.

Constructed of multiple layers of material that are mopped in hot tar and typically topped with a hard gravel ballast that is set in a heavy coating of tar, BUR roof systems are labor intensive and require skill to properly install but provide decades of un-matched protection.

Alpine Roofing is one of only a handful of companies that maintains the equipment and expertise in estimating, installing, and caring for BUR roof systems. Contact us if you have a BUR system that you would like properly maintained and/or you are interested in looking into a BUR system for your property.

What is it?

Also known by the acronym BUR, Built Up Roof Systems are commonly referred to as ‘tar and gravel’ roofs. BUR systems are generally composed of alternating layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics that are mopped in with tar. The number of plies in a cross-section is the number of plies on a roof. For example: The term “four ply” denotes four plies of roof membranes. BUR systems can have a finished top coat with a gravel ballast set in a flood coat or a modified bitumen cap sheet.

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Our low slope team is well versed in all aspects of built-up roofs and roof systems. From commercial to industrial to government our team can provide guidance on products and roofing solutions to fit your needs. 

Contact our office today and our low slope coordinator will gather some basic information about your project and objectives and schedule a meeting with one of our expert Low Slope Estimator/Project Managers to guide you through the process of choosing a the roofing solution that fits your needs and budget. 

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