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Maintenance and Repairs

Colorado Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Since 1960 Alpine Roofing has provided professional roofing maintenance services for many satisfied customers. Leak Repairs, Warranty Services, and Preventative Maintenance are the core of our business and one of the most important means that we have to help our clients solve problems and save money. Often a small amount of preventative maintenance can prevent larger problems and surprises.  

Preventative Maintenance

As roofs age in the harsh Colorado climate, it is important to keep a regular schedule of maintenance to keep your roof in top shape. Maintaining your roof system can extend its lifetime significantly and prevent small issues from developing into leaks. Simple tasks such as ensuring water ways, drains, and gutters are clear and removing leaves and debris from roofs can significantly extent the life of your roof system. Alpine Roofing’s Preventative Maintenance program offers:

  • Scheduled annual and bi-annual roof inspections
  • Removal of debris from drains, gutters and waterways
  • Detailed tracking of inspections/findings (with photo logs of problem areas and recommendations for preventative and immediate repairs)
  • Detailed proposals and reports for problem areas
  • Convenient and cost-effective program, tailored to your needs
Warranty Services

Warranty related repairs often require that the roof contractor who conducts repairs and maintenance on a roof that carries a manufacturer warranty be a certified installer of the roof system they are repairing. Alpine Roofing is a licensed and approved applicator of all of the major roof manufactures and can perform warranty repairs to existing roofs that are currently under manufacturer warranties.

Meet our Expert

Mike Neary has spent his entire career in the construction industry. Starting out as a metal installer, Mike has work on crews, lead roofing and service crews, supervised projects and lead whole companies. In addition, Mike has been a general contractor, businessman, and entrepreneur.  

With his wide experience of construction from ground up development to the finest detail of roofing, Mike is ideally suited to his role in helping his clients find the best solutions for their buildings. Mike wears a number of hats at Alpine but focuses his expertise in our service and client development. 

Contact our service department to schedule a consultation with Mike.  

Mike Neary

Service and Sheet Metal Estimator