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Tile Roofing

BURAvailable in both natural clay as well as formed concrete, tile can add a timeless aesthetic appearance giving your building an established feel. Available in multiple profiles from a traditional barrel tile giving a historic look to a flat tile which gives a more modern look. Tile roofing systems come in almost every color to fit the look of each building. A premium impact resistant roofing product, tile roofing offers superior protection from hail and harsh weather conditions and is designed to outlast many other roofing system. Tile is a great option when the building is able to withstand the weight requirements of tile roof systems. Interested in exploring the functional and aesthetic benefits of tile? Contact the Alpine Team.

What is it?

Tile is made from either concrete, clay, or porcelain. Concrete tiles are cast with color added to the concrete mixture to provide a standard color pattern. Porcelain and clay tiles are formed and glazed. Color can be added to the glazing to provide alternative colors or varieties of color. Tile roofing typically has edge and ridge pieces to match which make the roof appearance stand out. 

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Our steep slope division is well versed in all aspects of tile roofs and roof applications. From commercial to multi-family to single-family our team can provide guidance on products and roofing solutions to fit your needs. 

Contact our office today and our steep slope coordinator will gather some basic information about your project and objectives and schedule a meeting with one of our expert Steep Slope Estimator/Project Managers to guide you through the process of choosing a the roofing solution that fits your needs and budget.

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