Low Slope Roof Systems

With over a century worth of combined experience in installation, repair, and maintenance of all types of low slope roofing systems, the Alpine Roofing team has the unique ability to determine the best roofing system for each building type and application. From the newest and most cutting edge technology in single-ply systems to the time honored and tried and true methods that have been used for decades, including BUR and modified systems, the Alpine Roofing team can fit the roof system to the needs and budget of each client so they get the best long term solution for their property.

Meet our Expert

Shawn Logan has decades of experience in all types of low slope roof systems. With experience throughout the continental United States, Shawn has personally installed all types of roofing systems from BUR to the most cutting edge single ply products available on the market.  

Shawn works closely with his team and industry partners to provide the best solution for each roofing project. 

Shawn Logan

Low Slope Division Manager

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Maintenance after your roof replacement

Recently had your roof replaced? Now is a great time to set up a scheduled maintenance plan which includes the basic roof maintenance that is necessary to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. Maintaining a roof is not difficult or costly but pays dividends when it comes to keeping your manufacturer’s warranty intact and enhancing the lifespan of your roof.

The maintenance of drains, scuppers, gutters, and downspouts is a very important step in maintaining a flat roof because gravel, leaves, and debris can collect and prevent water from draining off the roof. This causes a pressure head of water, forcing the water into the smallest hole or crack. In Colorado’s climate, ponding water can freeze, breaking up the roof’s surface as it expands, and create cracks that melted water will penetrate and eventually degrade the roof.

Alpine Roofing’s scheduled maintenance programs are customized to meet the needs of our clients and their roofs.

Call us today to get a quote on a scheduled maintenance program for your property.

Let Alpine Roofing Ltd. provide you with a Roof Maintenance Program to keep your roof in a warrantable condition!

Maintenance After Your Roof Replacement
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