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Leak Repairs

Roof Leak Repairs in Denver, CO

Alpine Roofing understands how much damage a roof leak can cause to the building’s interior, as well as its contents. Our experienced service technicians are trained in leak repair for virtually every type of roof system. When needed they will investigate the cause of the problem and make a repair to keep your building protected.

Leak Repairs

If you are in need of roof repairs to prevent leaks or stop active leaks, our experienced service technicians will respond to investigate the cause of the problem and make a repair to keep your building protected.

  • Our skilled and knowledgeable service technicians are highly trained and equipped with the right equipment and materials to complete your roof repairs successfully, including equipment for flood testing, thermal imaging, etc. to pinpoint leak locations.
  • We maintain a fleet of service vehicles dedicated to provide quick response times.
  • We work with our clients to schedule and coordinate repairs to return the roof to a watertight condition.
  • Our service technicians capture before and after pictures as well as document all visible related roof problems. By doing this, Alpine can provide you with information, show you problems, and discuss any needed work and or recommended solutions that were not related to the original leak or service call.
  • Our service department’s goal is to offer a quick response on all requests; during a time of demand, our repair department will work diligently to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Emergency Services

Certain situations just cant wait and that is where quick response and knowledgeable repair technicians are invaluable. If you are in need of emergency services be sure to let us know and we will give priority to those with emergency status. Emergency rates and after hours rates may apply.

If you are in need of emergency service or repairs, contact us here and let us know you have an emergency and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible.